Information Communication Technology (ICT) – Definition, Advantages And Disadvantages

This article will familiarize you with the definition, advantages and disadvantages of Information Communication Technology (ICT). It is important for you to read carefully to understand the basics of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The definition

Information Communication Technology (ICT), or Information Technology (IT) as abbreviated, stands for the use of computers and telecommunications technology and devices to produce, manipulate, store, transmit and securely retrieve information.

ICT Tools

These are the tools or gadgets that are used to locate, explore and exchange information. They include the following devices:-

• Computers – Desktops, Laptops, Palmtops, PDAs, Mainframes
• Telephones
• Mobile Phones (GSM)
• Fax machines
• Television sets
• Satellites
• Internet

Advantages of ICT

Following are the advantages of Information Communication Technology (ICT):
1. It provides timely, better and cheaper access to knowledge and information.
2. It speeds up business transactions, productions and management processes.
3. ICT has made possible for people worldwide, to access internet, in a new and exciting way.
4. With ICT tools, business dealings and transactions have moved closer.
5. It provides a very reliable, flexible, fast and accurate means of disseminating information in modern times.
6. It provides employment opportunities and opens new career fields for people around the world.
7. It is also one of the best mediums for giving out instructions in schools.

Disadvantages of ICT

Despite its numerous benefits, ICT has few limitations, some of which include:-

1. Job loss: ICT application in offices may cut down few jobs as manual jobs and tasks are being automated.
2. Costly: ICT components and tools can be expensive and unaffordable to general public.
3. Loss of Social Bond: Implementation of ICT in every sphere of life is limiting personal human relationships and physical contacts as more work and interactions are based online.
4. Crime: ICT may lead to increase in crime ratings. People are being defrauded online. Cyber crimes like identity-theft, credit card scams, systems hacking, and piracy are on the rise. Internet is flooded with cyber criminals like hackers, perverts, and stalkers.
5. Abuse: This is another disadvantage of ICT. Some examples include pornography (especially child pornography), plagiarism, cyber war, e-mail spams, etc.
6. Addiction: The use of ICT is addictive. Obsessive users can be found spending hours online. This behaviour may lead to stress and other health related complications.

A Way Of Managing Informal Communication In Your Workplace

The “grapevine” is fast and effective at spreading messages throughout an organization. These messages are not always accurate, nor do they necessarily convey news that people want to broadcast. However, the grapevine can play a vital role within organizations and people at all levels can use it in positive, as well as negative, ways.

Informal communication always occurs in organizations. People chat in the tea rooms, in the corridors even in the bathroom. Some people congregate outside for a smoke, others socialise over lunch, have a drink after work or play golf. Networks and alliances are formed and information is shared.

The organization chart does not dictate who talks to whom. Bad news travels fast and it is not uncommon for employees to have heard it well in advance of delivery through formal channels. Good news or neutral information can be distorted or misinterpreted as it is passed on. This is why false rumours, half-truths, omissions or amplifications of messages give the grapevine such a bad name.

Informal communication can override organisational statements such as: “people are our greatest asset”. Employees get a version of the vision, values and priorities that may be different from that stated in the Annual Report.

Managing informal communication means building relationships and networks that enhance the two-way flow of information. Mentoring can be a critical factor in establishing such networks. Mentoring programs allow people who embody the values and principles of the organization to develop relationships with others. Mentors can convey positive messages to staff and get valuable feedback. A mentor can also act as a circuit breaker for the negative aspects of the grapevine by encouraging critical thinking and a measured response to rumours. A mentoring program sends the message that the organization values its people and cares about their development, in away that all the glossy print in the world could not achieve.

Mentoring allows people to build relationships based on trust and rapport. People, those mentored as well as mentors, provide a window on the organization that might not be available otherwise. Attitude and morale can improve for both parties. Additional perspective and more accurate information can be brought to career planning and decision-making.

Actively managing the informal communication in an organization raises ethical issues. The grapevine can be manipulated. Information can be planted with specific intent. However, if a mentoring program enhances the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of the participants they become more sophisticated consumers of information. Mentoring programs also usually build networks as well as one-to-one relationships. Such networks provide multiple points of reference for an individual, increasing the veracity of information used and acted on. Mentoring programs therefore make an important contribution to the lives of individual participants and the effectiveness of the organization.

Ann Rolfe is the founder of Mentoring Works. She has over twenty-five years experience in learning and development and sixteen years specializing in mentoring.

Ann Rolfe has been instrumental is setting up mentoring programs and training people in fields as diverse as health, construction, energy, communications, law and government. She has spoken at national and international conferences in Australia, Singapore and USA.

Research Identifies Opportunities for Information Communication and Technology Companies

European Defence is being transformed through the realisation that military cooperation and industrial convergence are necessary as a result of EU and NATO policy but supported by the reality of national budget pressures.
With the growth of “shared responsibility” Governments are increasingly reducing spend on military hardware and increasing the investment in IT related defence projects such as; communication systems, software radio, interoperable C4I, information infrastructure, defence logistics and network centric warfare.

Three trends in the European defence arena support the growth of cooperative IT defence projects. Joint country projects and initiatives lend themselves toward common systems and technology initiatives. Secondly the Common European Security Policy enables the EU to undertake military operations within the wider European Defence Security Policy brief, and thirdly there is the industrial trend that has led to the creation of OCCAR, the institution of concerted “procurement” procedures and the creation of a trans-national defence group including the EU European Defence Agency, operating in the field of defence capabilities development, research, acquisition and armaments.

Co-operation, shared common goals and the need for interoperable Information and Communication Systems has resulted in growth of IT in defence and success for those companies delivering these common systems.
If you are involved in IT opportunities in European Public Sector, Government and Defence business, Island Consulting market intelligence can deliver the facts to enable you to improve your European business opportunities.

Island Consulting is an independent Research Consultancy giving your organisation business advantage in Government, Defence and Public Sector account research within Western Europe.

Services include: Market Intelligence for Information and Communication Technology companies targeting Government, Defence and Public Sector accounts. If you are focusing on these customers Island Consulting can deliver market intelligence data to improve your business growth. Three key methodologies are employed to meet customers market intelligence requirements.

1. Meetings and interviews with MoD, Public Sector and Defence experts enables up to date information to be effectively collected for standard reports or customer specific requirements.

2. Dedicated data gathering includes opens source desk research augmented by direct follow up with the targeted accounts.

3. Telephone research is available for customer projects or sales campaigns.

Enhancing Visual Communications With Creative Medical Illustrations

An organization in the region of delineation can make incredible pictures for various enterprises and additionally organizations. They may incorporate publicizing, specialized plans, sites, restorative manuals, magazines, youngsters books and even form outline. There are numerous extraordinary procedures that are being reserved today to concoct the best representations. There are those that can give you whatever satisfies you including high contrast, shading outlines, shadow and light utilize et cetera.

When you work with an organization, you will be at favorable position in light of the fact that such organizations have an extensive variety of specialists working in their end.

Medicinal outlines

A few artists pick their very own specific range specialization, particularly when they need to do some independent work. Being a restorative artist needs some ability in the zone and you should be very mindful of the human body. It needs extraordinary accuracy and you can never stand to turn out badly.

Imaginative restorative outlines are fundamental, particularly with regards to clarifying maybe a couple things identified with the human body. A therapeutic artist is entrusted with the making of work of art that is satisfying outwardly and extremely precise logically and restoratively. They can make various types of works of art and this incorporates logical outlines, therapeutic delineations, 3D and 2D activitys, story loads up and sight and sound interface plans to people in general, individual damage legal advisors, pharmaceutical, promoting organizations, analysts, wellbeing and medicinal experts.

This is a calling that can join drug and craftsmanship in an extremely delightful manner and it has been around since the 1500s when the primary anatomically chart book was distributed. It highlighted human models. Today, the delineations are generally utilized as a part of various features of medication.

They are seriously prepared in average classes, PC preparing and even craftsmanship. They experience diverse classes, for example, logical outline, legitimate, therapeutic delineation, medicinal photography, activity in 3D and 2D, computerized representation, surgical outline, Neuro-life structures, embryology, treasury and furthermore life systems among others. This is something that requires a considerable measure of exertion, time and devotion.

What’s in store?

In the event that you ever look for the administrations of a therapeutic artist, at that point there are a few things that you ought to anticipate that them will have the capacity to improve the situation you. These are individuals who ought to have the capacity to think of renderings that are as sensible as conceivable inside the medicinal field. Such delineations can be utilized as a part of various expert ranges as talked about before.

For the most part, an artist is appointed or employed in order to give the best quality work in visual reorientation inside a certain specific circumstance or thought. There are many stages in the work process of an artist and they are exceptionally essential.

It is imperative to examine the representations compensated and in addition what the entire outline needs before the beginning of the venture. Due dates and process ought to be arranged well before time. A decent artist ought to have the capacity to have an example that can be investigated by the customer who will then give a thumbs up of the venture. The best artists can meet due dates.

What You Can Achieve With Express VPN

A virtual private system is the thing that we are alluding to as VPN. This is a passage that is secure and it exists between two or considerably more gadgets. The VPNs are utilized in order to offer security from occurrences such an oversight, impedance and snooping of the movement.

Express VPN

Then again, express VPN goes about as the intermediary. It enables one to surf the web in an unknown state, paying little heed to the time, day or night. There are numerous things that you can accomplish when you choose to utilize Express VPN. They include:

Conceal area and IP address

You can utilize it to conceal the area and in addition the IP address where you are working on. There are numerous areas that you can choose from relying upon the specialist co-op that you have chosen. Generally, such data is offered by the specialist co-op and you are allowed to pick the area you need to utilize and this is the data that will be benefited on the web.

Encryption of correspondence

Encryption of correspondence is another extraordinary thing that it can help you to accomplish. Distinctive specialist organizations utilize diverse encryption qualities and you can openly pick by looking at the best. Encryption is an astounding thing to have since your information will be all around shielded from each one of those meddlesome eyes. You can likewise peruse from various hotspots in comfort and nobody can track you or screen whatever you are doing.

Watch content

It is feasible for you to watch content from gadgets in HD. Most express VPNs accompany the best and most noteworthy velocities and furthermore with boundless transfer speed.

The other utilize that you may discover with express VPN is the way that you can get unlimited and unblocked access to each one of those destinations and in addition benefits that you make utilization of. You can see any blocked site from wherever you need to. There are destinations that are some of the time hindered in some locale because of various reasons. When you have express VPN, all limitations are lifted and there is no site that you can’t access whenever that you need.

Being associated with an express VPN implies that the ISP can see encoded movement in the serves yet it is extremely unlikely that the information can be deciphered and the destinations went by known. This is the best way to make the most of your recordings and even visit with family and companions sing the same without sitting around idly sitting tight to buffer of recordings.

Utilizing express VPN is an astounding thought since your Skype discussions, messages; your web based managing an account et cetera is remained careful. You require not stress over anything when you are utilizing a VPN. You won’t be hacked and nobody can take from similar to the case nowadays.

Most VPN suppliers don’t screen you or even log the exercises that you do. It is difficult to accomplish online security and laws are dynamic. With VPNs be that as it may, security is maintained consistently and subtle elements are never given to some other gathering.

Managing Your Collaboration Ecosystem

Collaboration is communication between two or more people connected from anywhere, anytime to share ideas, build consensus, establish direction, and/or accomplish a specified goal. It is what we attempt to do every day in our business and personal lives. Businesses need to connect to other businesses and customers. People need to connect with each other. Efficient collaboration is only achieved when everyone is on the same page.

Here are some reasons why your company needs to take your collaboration ecosystem seriously:

Employees spend over two thirds of their time connecting and collaborating.
Almost 1.9 billion people or 43% of the global workforce will be working remotely by 2022
Nearly fifteen percent of employee work time is lost due to insufficient communication.
Roughly $11K is lost per employee, per year due to ineffective communication.

The way we collaborate has undergone more dramatic changes in the last twenty years than in the one hundred years following Alexander Graham Bell’s great invention. Exciting new changes are being introduced and adopted more rapidly than ever before. RSI has always believed that communication is the lifeline of your business and remains committed to helping managers wade through adoption and optimize complex ecosystems.

The convergence of voice and data, the huge strides in bandwidth speeds and the creativity of industry leaders like Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Avaya, Broadsoft, Mitel and many others is creating massive disruption in the space. Communication has evolved from a point-to-point audio connection to a collection of participants huddling in virtual groups or teams empowered through voice, video, and chat. Participants can conveniently meet, collaborate, share ideas and complex designs through presentations, file share, screen share or whiteboard using any device from anywhere.

Collaboration solutions such as Slack, Cisco Spark, Microsoft Skype for Business/Teams. Google G Suite, Avaya/Zang Spaces and many others are forcing managers to think beyond the enterprise. These solutions address the realities of today’s digital and mobile world. People are demanding more from their communication ecosystem. They need to be able to access information anytime in secure but flexible work spaces from any device.

Traditional communication providers and several prominent entrants are offering Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) that allow you to select your own blend (voice, video, chat, meeting, file sharing, scheduling, etc.) tailored to your business needs.

Communication platform as a service (cPaaS) are powerful cloud based do-it-yourself frameworks that offer ultimate power to tailor the communication experience. Many traditional PBX/UCaaS providers now offer truly customizable communication platforms (incl. Avaya/Zang, Cisco/Spark/Tropo, Genband/Kandy) along with pace-setter Twilio.

The increasing popularity of these systems and dozens of other pre-designed collaboration Software as a Service (SaaS) makes decisions about how to communicate even more complex. The management problem is magnified when solutions are chosen and deployed. Metrics about adoption, customer experience and ROI are difficult to consolidate and reconcile across one vendor’s offerings let alone multiple vendors.

The evolution of communication tools has transformed our lives and allowed us to be agile and mobile. Managers no longer need to be tied to their desks to act, react and enact solutions based on concrete real time quantitative information.

Desktop, hybrid and cloud products for analyzing, voice, video, chat, email, meetings and collaboration teams are vital to communication management. Managers need concrete information about their business collaboration ecosystem to monitor adoption, guard against misuse, meet compliance standards, ensure network efficiency, optimize customer experience, manage the workforce and empower productivity.

Why not learn more about Counseling?

Marriage Counseling for a Troubled Marriage Many couples look at marriage counseling as a last resort to a troubled marriage. This is a difficult decision especially if what you want is only an advice on how to make your relationship work or perhaps your partner does not believe in marriage counseling. Marriage counselors are more than just people saving your marriage, and this is what most people do not know. There are other helps that marriage counselors can give to couples aside from saving it from breaking down, and even if your spouse is not willing to go, there is something still that she can help you with. In many marriages, one or both partners feel that counseling is not the right move. This is because the process is seen to be too inconvenient, too expensive, or only for people who have tried everything else. Couples find it harder to get help for their relationship problems than it is for individuals who suffer anxiety, depression and other problems, to see a therapist. You might have negative feeling to the idea of marriage counseling, especially if you have to go by yourself. This feeling should be overcome. If you feel like you are starting to go off the rails, there is nothing wrong with getting help. If your partner does not want to go, then try to do it alone at first. There is a good chance you will end up going as a couple eventually.

Short Course on Counselors – What You Need To Know

The best time to go to a marriage counselor is Not when everything is coming to an end. And if you go to a therapist before any major marital issues occur, then it would be more beneficial for both of you. Fixing conflicts can be done easily if you don’t feel like you are at the end of your rope. You can easily avoid unhappiness and divorce if you regularly go to marriage counseling. However, if it is not working for you then you need not do it.

Learning The “Secrets” of Counseling

If would be a more effective therapy if both spouses attend. You have other options even if your partner does not want to attend therapy. If you are alone you can still see a therapist and use an objective outside person’s assistance to help you solve your relationship problems. When both party starts and one couple stops eventually this is the same situation and you can deal with the therapist on your own. Your therapist can still help you figure out how to be happy in the relationship, even if you’re the only one present. There are still therapist who feel that counseling is really the last resort and when this is not your case then you need to pay attention to a few things. Do not go to a traditional individual counselor but look for a counselor who has a lot of experiences with couples.

Interesting Research on Gear – What You Didn’t Know

Where to Get Low Cost Jerseys

If you want to buy sports jerseys which are authentic and that comes from real sports stars then you could buy them but a very expensive price. This is the reason why these sports jerseys are fancier and are more expensive and this is the ones that sports fans really look for. However, if you are looking for affordable ones then there are cheap jerseys that you can actually buy that are of good quality. You can purchase authentic jerseys which are sold for reasonable rates if you try to search for it.

You can ask your relatives and family members and your friends where you can find cheap jerseys. Or, you can look around the house or ask permission to roam their closets and you may find one or two jerseys. You might find some jerseys that have already been outgrown and simply end up in their closets collecting dust. In this way you can have free jerseys instantly.

Purchasing jerseys from salvation army shops is also one way to get cheap jerseys since they sell them at dropout prices. Although some may no longer be in good condition but they can still be worn and is costs you only two dollars or less. Furthermore, they are not made of premium materials. But if you want to spend less on your purchases then you can opt for these items.

Garage sales are also places where you can find cheap authentic jerseys. There are a lot of garage sales during the summer season and they sell various cheap items called bargains around the neighborhood. In garage sales, most people put clothing items on sale so you can purchase them at cheaper prices. Garage sales give you a chance to buy branded clothes and even authentic sports jerseys at very low prices.

You can get low priced jerseys in good condition if you search online. There is a lot of information that you can get in the internet. So, if you would like to give yourself the chance to get only the best for cheaper prices, then consider looking in online stores. You should be ready to pay with your credit card if you buy your jerseys online. It takes a few days waiting for your sports jersey to be delivered to your home. Online, you can find jerseys that come from sports players complete with their signature on it. Auction sites and other online stores sell these, as they know that it can be profitable.

You don’t really need to strive hard to find cheap jerseys. You can look for cheap ones using the tips given above and you can surely find items that are still of high quality that you can still use for a long time.
Gear: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make
Looking On The Bright Side of Gear

Getting To The Point – Sales

The Importance of Legal Steroids The body is regarded to be healthy when all its structures are functioning normally. We are always happy when our body is healthy. Health makes us perform our daily tasks successfully. There are various techniques we can use to boost the health of the body. Our body can be healthy through exercises. There are a few forms of exercises that can lead to the health of the body. We have jumping, lifting weights, running, and spinning as examples of categories of exercises that can contribute to the health of the body. Expect to find such forms of exercises in gymnasiums. The root cause of the production of exercising machines such as a vibration machine is technology. All forms of exercises stimulate muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons of the body. The end result of this is the body having strength and flexibility. Exercises assist in doing away with obesity. Exercises treat obesity by burning excess fat in the body. Obesity is a healthy problem that can lead to other complications such as cardiovascular diseases. Exercises help in removing toxic substances from the body through sweating. Our body can be healthy through nutrition. Nutrition is the observance of the balanced diet at all cases. A balanced diet is the one that is made up of all the required nutrients needed for the health of the body. Carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and minerals are examples of categories of beneficial nutrients. Water is an important liquid that contributes to the health of the body. Water aids the body in the detoxification process. Drugs keep the body healthy when invaded with infectious microorganisms. Medicines help in fighting disease-causing microorganisms. Sleep is one of the cures of the complications of the body. All the parts of the body need to be relaxed for them to be fully functional. Legal steroids are compounds that have been known to contribute to the health benefits of the body. Steroids are organic compounds that have been known to exist as lipids. The structure of steroids is composed of fourteen carbon atoms and four rings. This makes it possible to categorize it in the family of long-chain fatty acids.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Products
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On Sales: My Thoughts Explained

The Advantage That You Will Get With A Golf POS Software The moment that you will be using state of the art golf course, then what you will get a is money savings plus it can also save your business. It is by making sure that you will be doing this one that you can also save time plus you will avoid any frustrations. That is why if its efficiency of your golf course is what you are looking for, then you have to consider having your very own golf course software. There will be a decrease in the work on the inventory and that is why you will be spared from any headaches. The moment that you will be asking any golf course manager, then they will be the one to tell you one of the time consuming and laborious process of all is the inventory. The inventory that you have will be addressed by a golf course manager in a totally different manner with the help of a gold course software. For the golf course manager out there that are still doing inventory the old fashion way, then they must know that there is a more efficient way to do it and that is with the help of a Golf POS. The golf POS is a cloud base and the inventory that you will be doing can be implemented the fastest way possible. The time-consuming way of installing and updating any software will not happen anymore since the software is cloud base. Hiring any additional IT staff is also not needed the moment that you will use this software. You will now have the option t juts train your existing staff in how to use the gold POS. When you have a number of different information, integrating them will not be a problem due to the fact that the software is cloud base. The moment that you will use this kind of software, then you will get instant aces to all of the information that you need. Transforming your business that you have can be done through this advantages but all the things mentioned are just part of the things that the software will be able to do.
A 10-Point Plan for Sports (Without Being Overwhelmed)
It is also when you will be using this software that you can also minimize the no shows and late arrivals. The moment that you will be using this software, then you can be sure that golf course efficiency as well as an increase in the revenue. Another great thing with this software is that you can view it from nay mobile device since it is cloud base. Anytime that they want, your clients will also be able to make bookings. This is the reason why there will be lesser incidents of no shows and late arrivals. Emails will be sent by the software to ensure that they will be reminded of the schedule that they have.Finding Ways To Keep Up With Software