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Research Identifies Opportunities for Information Communication and Technology Companies

European Defence is being transformed through the realisation that military cooperation and industrial convergence are necessary as a result of EU and NATO policy but supported by the reality of national budget pressures.
With the growth of “shared responsibility” Governments are increasingly reducing spend on military hardware and increasing the investment in IT related defence projects such as; communication systems, software radio, interoperable C4I, information infrastructure, defence logistics and network centric warfare.

Three trends in the European defence arena support the growth of cooperative IT defence projects. Joint country projects and initiatives lend themselves toward common systems and technology initiatives. Secondly the Common European Security Policy enables the EU to undertake military operations within the wider European Defence Security Policy brief, and thirdly there is the industrial trend that has led to the creation of OCCAR, the institution of concerted “procurement” procedures and the creation of a trans-national defence group including the EU European Defence Agency, operating in the field of defence capabilities development, research, acquisition and armaments.

Co-operation, shared common goals and the need for interoperable Information and Communication Systems has resulted in growth of IT in defence and success for those companies delivering these common systems.
If you are involved in IT opportunities in European Public Sector, Government and Defence business, Island Consulting market intelligence can deliver the facts to enable you to improve your European business opportunities.

Island Consulting is an independent Research Consultancy giving your organisation business advantage in Government, Defence and Public Sector account research within Western Europe.

Services include: Market Intelligence for Information and Communication Technology companies targeting Government, Defence and Public Sector accounts. If you are focusing on these customers Island Consulting can deliver market intelligence data to improve your business growth. Three key methodologies are employed to meet customers market intelligence requirements.

1. Meetings and interviews with MoD, Public Sector and Defence experts enables up to date information to be effectively collected for standard reports or customer specific requirements.

2. Dedicated data gathering includes opens source desk research augmented by direct follow up with the targeted accounts.

3. Telephone research is available for customer projects or sales campaigns.